MotoMummy was founded by an enthusiast with a passion and love for the sport. We started small and try and keep the small business touch even as we have grown and continue to grow. You can call us with any of your questions and talk to a fellow enthusiasts.

Tech support is at the core of our business. We can help you from choosing the part needed for your application, what parts work together, to helping set up your suspension and even doing full service work on your Ohlins suspension. We have ex-racers on staff to hardcore enthusiasts ready to help you with any question.

Our goal isn't to sell you stuff, but solve your problem. Whether it is an old part than needs to be replaced that's not working, or you just need some technical support with a part you bought from us. The solution isn't always parts though. It could be bleeding your brakes better, fixing a stuck piston in a caliper, a sprocket installed backwards, etc. It all depends on your set up and that is where our expertise sets us apart. We are here to solve problems for you, not just push parts.

You won't find every part on our website. Many make this claim, but we live up to it. We believe in quality, at a great price and we truly mean it. We test out parts, use them on our bikes, and won't sell what we don't believe in. We also believe in follow up customer service as well. If you have any questions give us a call. We try, and we know our parts inside and out!
We specialize in hard core sportbike parts. We have had such tremendous growth in this area we haven't branched out into touring, dirt, etc. We strive to give the sportbike market what they want. The premium brands they want and at the price they love. We are not trying to be everything to everybody, as we have a love and passion for going fast.

We have free shipping on all products in the lower 48 and most products are even free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. We have flat rate shipping for the rest of the world. So the more you order the more you save which is how it should be in our opinion. You can find more details on our shipping policies in our terms and conditions. We ensure all overseas customers or Canadian customers get the lowest shipping prices possible as a person looks at each order to see what we can consolidate package wise to lower the shipping costs, or if a product(s) doesn't fall under our flat rate shipping program.