Bazzaz Z-AFM Air Fuel Mapping Kit Option


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Sale Price: $230.00
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Click HERE to see our install of the Bazzaz ZFI-TC system which is the same as this system except it also has traction control.  To date this is the best fuel controlling system we at have ever used and BY FAR the smoothest quickshifter we have used out of 3 seperate brands.  "This is the best modification we have done to any of our bikes to date."  Corey ( President)

Click here to read about how to self tune your ZFI using the ZAFM

This is needed with all the units in order to be able to read the current air to fuel ratio and then tune it accordingly. This system will basically do your tuning for you as you log the data, import it into a laptop, and then accept the changes the software recommends for your map, then hit the button to change your map and you can go out logging again if you want to tune it further or you're good to go. Only takes about 4 clicks of your mouse to download your data and import it all into your map and make your fueling hit your target air to fuel ratio. The optional Bazzaz Z-AFM kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the any of the Z-Fi products, and allows for self-mapping of the motorcycle. Self-mapping means that as the user rides the bike, on the track or on a dynamometer, the Z-Fi automatically calculates the required fuel adjustment at each RPM and Throttle Position to reach the user selectable target air fuel ratio. The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi Mapper software allows for the user to easily enter the target air fuel ratio, start, stop, and review the results of the self-mapping function. Once the recommended adjustments have been reviewed, the user can either apply all of the suggested adjustments or just a certain range with a few simple clicks of the mouse. The Bazzaz Performance Z-AFM kit offers an alternative way for mapping without the time or cost of a custom dyno tune. For the rider looking for maximum performance, a dyno tune together with the Z-AFM is the way to go. The kit comes with all of the required hardware, but may require modification of the exhaust pipe to accept the air fuel sensor fitting. Many manufacturers, like Yoshimura, make versions of their existing pipes with the sensor fitting already built in. 



  • Plug and Play installation with any of the Bazzaz Z-Fi products (may require pipe modification to accept sensor) 
  • Allows for self-mapping either on the track or on the dyno
  • Allows an alternative way for mapping without the time or cost of a custom dyno tune
  • User adjustable target air fuel ratio for performance and fuel economy


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
02/09/2014 - 11:37:40 AM
Not a necessity.
I ride a 2010 R6 and not sure this is a good item to use with the ZFi unit. It's supposed to be easy to use but ended up really creating an odd fuel map. Lean and rich spots everywhere. Keep in mind the R6 has two different fuel maps it runs. Use the Flashtune to remove that option and then this unit becomes more beneficial.
05/11/2012 - 08:22:43 PM
Brent White
Very simple to use with the Zfi, the software is easy and not over complicated, and you get real quick custom tunes per your specs and environment. You really shouldn't overlook this addon when purchasing the Bazzaz Zfi.
02/17/2012 - 09:00:26 PM
Murdock Phillips
Another great product from bazzaz!!

Thanks motomummy for your great service and deals!!!
08/10/2011 - 12:12:28 AM
Steven Bolin
Super fast shipping! Fast email response, product installed just like your side notes said it would. Within two hours of receiving I was self mapping! I noticed there was many other things to learn as well, I'm very exited, best money spent. Thank you motomummy.

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