Bazzaz ZFI-Traction Control


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Bazzaz ZFI-Traction ControlBazzaz ZFI-Traction Control
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Click HERE to see our install of the Bazzaz ZFI-TC system which is the same as this system except it also has traction control.  To date this is the best fuel controlling system we at have ever used and BY FAR the smoothest quickshifter we have used out of 3 seperate brands.  "This is the best modification we have done to any of our bikes to date."  Corey ( President)

Click here to read about how to self tune your ZFI using the ZAFM


  • The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi TC (Traction Control Unit) has all of the same features as the Z-Fi QS with the addition of user adjustable traction control.
  • The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi TC brings traction control technology from the highest levels of professional racing down to the average racer.
  • The Z-Fi TC does not require any additional sensors to be mounted to the bike, and is fully legal for AMA Super Sport and Super Stock competition.
  • Countless hours of racetrack testing and tuning were used to distill the complicated nature of this technology into a simple and intuitive tuning interface using the Z-Fi software.
  • Traction control is easily adjusted by Throttle Position, RPM, and Gear to suit any track or riding condition.
  • Adjustments on the fly can be made with an optional TC adjust switch, making tuning even more simple.
  • All the same features of the Z-Fi QS State of the art Traction Control technology for faster lap times Adjustable by Throttle Position, RPM, and Gear for optimal performance under all riding conditions Intuitive software interface for easy tuning Uses stock sensors only, AMA Super Sport and Super Stock legal



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Reviewed by
03/17/2015 - 04:26:36 PM
Great Fuel tuner
Awesome fuel controller, very easy to use and manipulate. Installation was super easy as well, much easier than PCV's. The QS is one of the best i've tried, super smooth, and super quick. Installed this on my 2013 ZX-10r, and use it's TC over the stock kawi TC, a lot less intrusive, but works when i need it to. Fantastic product!
Reviewed by
03/12/2013 - 09:27:47 PM
The most convenient fuel programmer to date. My throttle response is so much smoother & the Quickshifter is one of the smoothest available. Well worth the money. Only con would be you don't have the option to change from standard to gp shift.
01/06/2011 - 01:18:09 AM
Andrew Freer
Great product and works as intended. Left to your own when it comes to tuning the traction control. Sure it tells how to adjust it but that is all. I have found it a bit of a black art like suspension tuning...

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