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Bazzaz ZFIBazzaz ZFI
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Click HERE to see our install of the ZFI-TC system which is the same as this system except it also has traction control.  To date this is the best fuel controlling system we at have ever used and BY FAR the smoothest quickshifter we have used out of 3 seperate brands.  "This is the best modification we have done to any of our bikes to date."  Corey ( President)

Click here to read about how to self tune your ZFI with the ZAFM.

  • The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit differs significantly from what is currently available in the marketplace in a number of ways.
  • Bazzaz Performance has developed an in-line unit that precisely controls fuel delivery to optimize engine performance.
  • It is a plug and play unit that piggy-backs onto the stock ECU.
  • Each unit comes with an application specific harness that utilizes OEM connectors for simple installation, and comes pre-programmed for either the stock exhaust or a slip-on.
  • The Z-Fi also features a USB interface with easy to use software, allowing tuning modifications by the end user.
  • The Z-Fi is the first piggyback system on the market that can run up to 8 injectors independently.
  • This translates into ease of tuning and significantly better performance on applications that utilize 8 injectors like the Suzuki GSXR1000 and the Honda CBR600RR.
  • The Z-Fi can be run and/or tuned using the closed-loop self mapping feature with the purchase of the optional Z-AFM kit.
  • Supplied with application specific harness for easy Plug and Play installation
  •  Pre-programmed with 2 maps, one for stock and one for a slip-on exhaust
  •  Comes with easy to use software and USB cable making tuning a snap
  • Self mapping capability with purchase of optional Z-AFM Kit
  • Runs up to 8 injectors independently
  • Features gear dependent fuel trims
  • Stores two maps, Switchable “On the Fly” with purchase of optional handle bar switch kit.



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
02/09/2014 - 11:35:12 AM
A must have!
This is a must have if you've removed the factory exhaust. Installation can be a little timely but Bazzaz gives you a great product with easy instructions to follow. My only complaint was the AFM unit, not worth the money in my opinion. Get a good dyno tune and you're set.
Reviewed by
02/08/2014 - 01:07:00 PM
Nick gut zx6r
I ride a 2012 zx6r and the bazzaz unit really helped out the off and on of the throttle by smoothing it out, and being able to flip a switch to go from race tune to conservative.. Great buy fast shipping on motomummys part. Thanks !
Reviewed by
02/08/2014 - 01:03:48 PM
Bazzaz unit
Great mapping ability. I enjoy being able to switch from a race tune to a more conservative tune at the flip of a switch. It really smoothed out the off and on of the throttle
Reviewed by
04/13/2013 - 08:33:57 AM
Bazzaz ZFI 2011 YZF-R6
Yamahas are renown with a terrible bottom end.. slapped this puppy on my stock bike and noticed a HUGE change in the power curve.. definitely made the bike much more enjoyable riding in the lower speeds!
05/11/2012 - 08:30:13 PM
Brent White
Best mod I have ever done to my bike. Combined with their AFM kit, it is simply the best way to custom tune your bike without involving a third party. I installed this on a L1 750, very simple and quick. I did not find I had to remove anything other than the airbox, seat, and lift the tank up.
Quality harness, support seems to be good (they have an online chat), Very professional company. Instructions are slightly sub par considering the overall quality of the product and packaging (just small COLORED pics) with vague instructions on a single sheet of copy paper, however if you are mechanically inclined you won't need them. I believe no one will be disappointed.
09/25/2011 - 12:14:30 PM
Ryan Fowler
Without a shop manual install is best left to pros. Instructions said to scotchlock the wrong wire on k7 600 but otherwise easy install. Improved performance over stock. SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!. THANKS MOTOMUMMY
06/09/2011 - 03:33:13 PM
kerry stover
The install was much easier than I was expecting. All the connectors matched perfectly, except for the Neutral sensor, but I don't think that even needs to be hooked up, but I did it just to be safe. Bike runs 100x better than stock now. :-)

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