Bridgestone Battlax S22 Hypersport tires


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Bridgestone Battlax S22 tires

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The BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22 tire is the successor to the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S21 tire, which is featured as original equipment on numerous sports motorcycles and is a top replacement tire choice for countless riders. Compared to the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S21 tire, the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22 tire boasts improved dry grip and lightness coupled with sufficient wet performance. These features provide sport bike riders peace of mind when the weather suddenly deteriorates or when driving on wet surfaces.

Tire Technology:

  • 3LC - 3 Layer Compound:3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology. The shoulder compound provides excellent cornering grip. The center compound offers linear handling.
  • 5LC - 5 Layer Compound:5LC (5 Layer Compound) technology. High grip performance has been achieved for every sports racing scene. The edge compound improves rotational stability during steep banking. The shoulder compound improves cornering power and grip performance in the forward direction. The center compound achieves a smooth feeling from straight runs to lean angles. The compound with the highest "tensile rigidity in the circumferential direction" is used in the shoulder area, enabling rapid acceleration at a corner exit.
  • Silica Rich EX:Performance in wet conditions is improved by greatly increasing the amount of silica compared to conventional Silica Rich.
  • RC Polymer for Motorcycle:Polymer improves wear resistance of tires, and silica is effective for wet performance. Although these two compounds are usually not compatible, the potential of both compounds is drastically increased by promoting affinity between them. RC Polymer for motorcycles, developed using Bridgestone's key technology NanoPro-Tech, contributes to the improvement of wet performance and longer wear life. NanoPro-Tech is Bridgestone's key technology which controls the nanostructure of tire materials through molecular design, in order to emphasize the needed characteristics of the material.
  • Ultimat EYE:Bridgestone's proprietary tire development technology for measuring and visualizing tire contact surface behavior during actual riding conditions. Previously, tire development consisted of running simulations, building prototypes and using laboratory measurements as well as actual vehicle tests to verify performance. Ultimat EYE reproduces high-speed riding conditions in the laboratory that are equivalent to those of an actual vehicle, enabling tire contact surface behavior to be visualized. In addition to the previous actual vehicle tests, this allows high-precision analysis and performance verification with a solid scientific basis. Using technology born to develop tires for the world's most demanding car and motorcycle races, the measurement and analysis equipment can handle speeds of up to 400 km/h and lean angles of up to 60 degrees.



  • Supersport tire.
  • Front: 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology.
  • Rear: 5LC (5 Layer Compound) technology.
  • Silica Rich EX.
  • RC Polymer.
  • Ultimat EYE.



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