Chain Kit Common Questions

1. What is hard anodizing and why do I need it?
Hard anodizing is a process that the sprockets go through that nearly doubles the strength and life of the sprocket. It puts a very hard surface on the sprocket. The coloring of this is a dark gray, but lately many manufacturers are adding dye to make them pure black or colored.

2. What color are afam sprockets?
All afam sprockets are a dark gray in color. NONE are black in color. What happened is that one importer repackaged them in a packaging that says Drive Systems and AFAM on the packaging and many dealers got this confused and assumed that the black ones were afam when in fact they are not. If you read ON THE SPROCKET it will say afam if it's afam.

3. Do you sell any non hard anodized sprockets?
No we do not. We want our customers to buy a chain kit, use it for thousands and thousands of miles and not worry about something going wrong with it or having it wear out early. We only sell hard anodized sprockets since it only costs a little more to get a sprocket twice as hard and one that will last twice as long.

4. Which sprocket is the least amount of weight?
All alum sprockets weight in around 11 ounces or so. With that said every brand is slightly different then another, but they are all around the same weight give or take 1-2 ounces. It's not enough to really matter.

5. What are front sprockets made of?
ALL front sprockets are made of steel or else the little tiny teeth on the front sprocket would wear right off the minute you revved up your bike.

6. What is the difference between the chains you sell?
ALL the chains we sell are the top of the line by each manufacturer. They are all plenty strong for the kits we sell. If we didn't believe in every chain we wouldn't sell it. We don't sell cheap kits, we sell great kits at cheap prices. With that said... The erv3 is the lightest as it's 3 ounces less weight then the RK GXW, but it's also the weakest out of all the chains we sell. The RK GXW is the next strongest, but also the next heaviest. The EK MVXZ is the strongest 520 chain and only weights about 1-2 ounces over the RK GXW chain. those weight differences you will not notice while riding your bike.

7. What is your best selling sprocket and chain kit?
At this time that would be the driven sprockets with the ek or rk chain.

8. Which sprocket is the best?
When they are made of the same alum and go through the same hard anodizing process it's hard to say which is "better". Factually they are all great sprockets and the quality is the same. It's the price and looks that are different. Good quality alum and hard anodizeding are the keys to a good sprocket.

9. I've heard that xxx brand is the best?
Ask whoever told you that what makes it better then a sprocket made of the same alum and with the same hard anodizing? You'll see them look like a deer in the headlights when you ask for them to back it up. Many just love the products they have used or many are sponsored by a certain brand, but all the ones we carry work great and I wouldn't say one is better than another when I have used them all and notice the same thing. We sell what we believe in and can't honestly say what is "best" when they are the same material and go through the same process.

10. What way does my front sprocket go on and can it go on backwards?
Yes, it can go on backwards. All manufacturers that we know of put the part numbers on the sprockets so that the part numbers face outwards. However, at times very few can have the part numbers accidentally put on the wrong side. Here is a guide though. GSXR 520 front sprocket=side with raised lip facing outwards, flat side against the bike.