Bazzaz Ducati o2 Eliminator


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Bazzaz Ducati o2 EliminatorBazzaz Ducati o2 Eliminator
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Ducati O2 Eliminator. A simple plug-and-play application, The Bazzaz O2 Eliminator for Ducati allows you to tune the bike throughout the entire RPM & Throttle position range. The Ducati O2 eliminator allows the removal of the stock O2 sensor without triggering the “FI” fault light on the dash. It also stabilizes the AFR (fuel delivery) which would
otherwise become very unstable without the sensor or Bazzaz eliminator installed. If the Bazzaz O2 eliminator is not used when the stock sensor is removed, the stock ECU will lean out the bike, which results in poor performance and also may harm the engine. In addition, the Bazzaz O2 eliminator can be used with any brand of engine management system, which typically do not allow for fuel map adjustments within the following range of operation: 0-20% throttle and 0-6000RPM.

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This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm.