12 O'clock Labs Yamaha Exup Emulator


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12oClockLabs worries about what goes on behind the scene of an electrical device, and rather than just eliminate an engine code, we wanted our EXUP Emulator to mimic the exact characteristics of a real servo motor, so the bikes computer can't tell the difference. Some of the other eliminators on the market loose their feedback position and require the bike's computer to send compensation signals to readjust, or their feedback signal may be altered with varying supply voltage conditions, or they have highly inaccurate feedback position data. The 12oClockLabs EXUP Emulator is the only microprocessor controlled device that emulates the exact servo motor sweeping delays and position characteristics of your oem exup motor, it can stop and hold feedback positions as instructed at any sweep location; without loosing it's feedback position, or floating around. Your bike's computer can't tell the difference between the 12oClockLabs EXUP Emulator, and the real servo motor. Hence a rock solid solution you'll never have to worry about, and you can be confident you're bike's computer won't know the difference.

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Reviewed by
04/13/2013 - 08:39:39 AM
R6 Exup
after installing new exhaust hooked this up and had no problems, worked great without issue, very easy install!
02/17/2012 - 09:12:56 PM
Murdock Phillips
No more CEL! Woot! :D:D

Easy install, great company!

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