Accossato Brake 19x18 Master cyl. with folder lever


Retail Price: $341.85
Sale Price: $235.00
Product ID : Acco-CY021-L-18-RST


Accossato Radial Forged Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 with Folding Lever

  •  Recommended for track use or aggressive street riding
  •  Offers more sensitivity and travel then 19x20 
  •  Lever adjusts for articulated brake feel
  •  Folding lever minimizes damage in case of unintentional rider separation
  •  Accossato master cylinders use forged aluminum construction for strength and light weight
  •  6mm outlet.
  •  Comes with double banjo bolt

If you want to replace your hose the 6mm Tygon hose would work with this set up.

If you want a brake switch to activate the rear brake lights you would need the 1.0 pitch banjo and then either a single banjo bolt or double banjo bolt depending on how many brake lines (your brake routing) you have coming off your master cyl.

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Reviewed by
06/10/2014 - 03:29:28 AM
alls starts with confidence in bein able to slowdown
if ur doin trackdays its a must upgrade best thing ive done after suspension, when i swapped to the accossato also went speilger braided lines and pf .95 brake pads no brainer you have to change everything for best performance, there firm progressive feel inspires confidence like everything take ur time and ur be amazed how much deeper and harder u can go approaching corners under brakes transformed how i approach corners now ,im only in my second year on tracks wish i had bought one as soon as i started previuos bike was braided lines pf .95 pads and oem master cylinder which ok, but for me i started really improving when i had full confidence in my brake setup

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm.