HM Superlite QuickShifter & Autoblipper Kit


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HM Superlite QuickShifter & Autoblipper Kit

The quickshifter is perhaps one of the coolest electronic upgrades on modern bikes. A full-spec ‘up and down’ shifting system can make a huge difference to your performance and the riding experience – on road and track. And now British firm HM Quickshifter is launching a whole new range of quickshifter / auto blipper kits, aimed at giving riders the very highest level of shift assistance – as well as some very special additional functions.

The new kits are available in two versions – ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’. The Lite kit has a an adjustable shifting and back shifting program and simple plug-and-play install, while the Pro kit adds on a pitlane speed limiter and super-trick auto-warmup function, usually seen in high end motorsports including Formula One as well as fully configurable programs for shifting, back shifting (auto blipping), warmup and Launch Control.

The auto-warmup system controls the throttle to warm the engine, while constantly monitoring the coolant temperature, until the bike reaches a pre-set coolant temperature (set to 80°C as standard). The HM shifter’s control unit keeps oil pressure optimised, and uses less-aggressive throttle blips at lower temperatures, intelligently bringing your high-performance engine up to working temperature at the perfect rate. This auto warmup is fully programmable up to 50 different throttle inputs in three different temperature ranges – all fully configurable.

One vital, often-overlooked, factor in quickshifter design is safety. There are two potential failure pathways – a quickshifter might cut engine power unexpectedly, or the blipper could ‘kick in’ at the wrong time – or worse – hold the throttle open. Any of these could cause an accident, and HM employs a ‘fail-safe’ approach to its shifter design that makes such failures theoretically impossible.

The HM ECU uses principles employed in military and aerospace industries, with a ‘mission critical’ design philosophy, and is totally disconnected from the throttle circuit when not changing gear. When a shift signal is received, a sub-millisecond-long series of diagnostic functions kicks in, and only if they are passed can the quickshifter insert itself into the throttle circuit. First, it sets a ‘deadman timer’, ensuring it will be automatically ‘locked out’ of the circuit after the change, no matter what happens. Finally, if there are any errors during the shift operation, the QS disconnects itself, logs an error, and switches off till it’s been fixed. So – no matter what happens, your bike is protected from uncommanded throttle inputs or engine cuts of any kind.

HM’s also developing a next-level software update, which will bolt on Launch Control, Anti-Wheelie and Engine Brake Control functions to the Pro system. The entire HM setup can be easily programmed via a laptop, allowing regular system upgrades to be applied easily, or can be used with HM’s own colour display unit.

HM has a unique ‘in-depth’ design philosophy, where its shifter units communicate directly with your bike’s ECU. That’s how it’s able to make the perfect up and down-shifts, and is why HM can add so many extra functions, above and beyond the shifting task. That philosophy makes the HM Standalone Blipper Quickshifter a great way to add all-new riding aids to your bike.

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