DMP Digital Tirewarmer Set


Retail Price: $449.99
Sale Price: $314.99
Product ID : DMP-TW-DIGI


MP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers are designed to preheat your tires before entering onto the circuit. The Digital Adjustable Thermostat Module can heat between 40*C and 99*C or 104*F to 211*F. Because the DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers have the temperature adjustable feature, this allows you to pinpoint the temperature your tire manufacturer suggests. From qualifiers, triple compounds or just varying weather conditions the DMP Slingshot Digital Tire Warmers can give you that extra advantage you need.

* FULL One Year Warranty
* Digital adjustable thermostat module
* Adjustable final temperature tolerance
* Easy to read digital display
* Self-adjusting elasticized sides
* Thermally insulated
* Fits tires up to 17" front and 19" rear
* 450W front, 550W rear

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
11/29/2016 - 11:34:04 AM
Very good product
I finally got to use my set at Barber a couple weeks ago and wanted to put up a review. The temperature adjustments is very easy to do with a couple buttons so makes it real easy to modulate temps between session so as to not cook your tires all day. I foudn that my rear was able to heat up faster than the front which was odd, but both warmers did the job and was able to run 95% on the out lap with no issues. The only issue is the front warmer is fairly thick (not a bad thing) and with the when pulling the warmer off it can get caught on the back of the fender so you sometimes have to push the velcro down to get it past the fender. I do wish they had given maybe an extra 6" on the power chords as if you are using a dual outlet power chord they barely reach the center of the bike. Overall they are very well contructed and had zero issue,
Reviewed by
03/07/2015 - 01:26:43 PM
Best Price for a set of these ANYWHERE!
So I dont even need tires, my Q2s only have 1500 miles on them, but when I saw the sale the Mummy was having, on top of the rebate ,I had to pull the trigger... I cant say how the tires are, cuz they will be sitting in my garage for a year probably, but I can say that the Q2s are sticky as hell, and they turn in nice, so the Q3 should be just as good or better!!!

Thanks again for having the best prices!!

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm.